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News! Finally ;)

Ok, I'm sorry that i didn't write anything in my blog for such a long time, but i was busy...

As i don't remember exactly what i did the days after the last entry i just inform you about my last weekend.

On Friday night there was the Winter Ball/Valentine’s Dance at the high school. Before the dance i went to Morgane (exchange student from France) she had another exchange student from france at her house and i pretty much watched those two to get ready for the dance for about 3 hours but it was funny though. So we arrived at the dance at like 10 o'clock. I had lots of fun and danced with some cute girls.
Afterwards at 11.30 Bruno (exchangie form Brazil) and i went with jake (a guy that just moved from michigan to Sandpoint) to his house. We watched tv and talked till 3.30 when we went to bed.

At the next day i went with my host family to a birthday barbecue for a little kid (2 years old, actually she's "my" niece...The daughter of one of marty's brother's kids) There i met about 20 other new people (most of them are relatives from marty's side of the family). It was fun.

Later Marty, Dan, Chris and Mike (Cousins) and I went to Spokane...first we looked for a few things in some stores...and after dinner we went to a Monster Truck show (see It was a great are coming soon

On Sunday I caught up some sleep, afterwards i called my parents *happy* and then i went up to the cabin with Kristi, Dan, Marty, Jim (Husband of the sister of Jeralyn) and his children Beth, Mike and Chris and for sure Poppop (=opa, Jeralyn's Dad). We did skeet shooting (Tontaubenschiessen) which was great fun. It also was a really beautiful day so i took a whole bunch of pictures (again they're coming up asap (=as soon as possible, for those who don't know *g*))
In the evening we watched a movie together (City Slickers). It was a really good movie.

And Today (on Monday) there was no school...(no not because of the snow, but because of presidents' day) So I slept in again and Jeralyn and I went to town...we had to buy some things...and they added me on their contract which means that i have a cell phone now.
Later i finished some stuff for school and we shot some pistols again...(just outside the paper targets)
Afterwards i started fixing dinner (i cooked Kaesepaetzle for them which they really liked)

Yeah, and now i'm glad that i wrote a new entry and i'm i'm going to bed now.

I hope you also have a good time in Germany! 

p.s.: i read all your mails and guestbook entries (thanks for it), but it takes a while till i answer them (sorry)

19.2.08 07:31

Review of the week part I - the weekend & the snow days

As I was very busy (i had school every day except of monday) this week i had no time to write into my blog.

I'll give you now a short review of my week.

Friday: On Friday i went skiing with jeni (another german exchange student). I was lucky, the woman on the lift ticket counter gave me the ticket for free....and i have no idea why
We had lots of fun...afterwards jeralyn picked me up and we went to a steak house for uncle jim's birthday party (with lots of people). It was awesome...i had a big burger and a mud pie which was also ginormous for dessert (it's ice cream).

Saturday: i don't really remember what i did on Satruday. not very much, i think. i did something for school and in the evening we were invited to dinner at a friend's house. another time there was a whole bunch of people (it is a group of 6 couples that had children at about the same the, so you can imagine that there were lots of people). With one of the guys i went to the community hall dance...which is a little party for the high school kids. It was good...except of the music (they played hip hop).

Sunday: as you may know there was the super bowl (meisterschaftsspiel der american football league). It is huge event. The game takes from 3 till like 6 o'clock (but it's interrupted by lots of commercials(werbung)...there are lots of funny ones, so some people watch the super bowl more because of the commercials. the commercials are really expensive...30sec cost about 2 million.
For super bowl we went to the super bowl party at the grandparent's. We watched it on their humongous tv and had some chips and burgers.
The game was fascinating. The New England Patriots played against the New York Giants. the patriots havn't lost one game during the whole season. The Giants won the game by a touchdown 35 sec before the end (about two minutes before the patriots made a touchdown and it looked like they were wining).

Monday: As we had no school on monday i went up to schweitzer with jeni. We both tried snowboarding. So we took a lesson. At the beginning it was really hard - probably our instructor wasn't the best - but later it was really good.
Later on we went to granny and pop-pop (=Oma und Opa) for the birthday dinner of Jeralyn.
Unfortunately there was no call on this evening that there is no school the day after.


That was the first part of my review...second part coming soon!

10.2.08 09:10

no school!

On Thursday night at like 4 o'clock there was a call that said that there is no school in the day, because of the snow.
I was so happy when i heard about this in the morning and i went straight back into bed again.

At day we shoveled the roof of Marty's shop (shop = Werkstatt, Marty = my host dad) which was very exhausting (the snow was about half a meter high). After lunch we helped shovelling the roof of the grandparents.

Later Jeralyn (host mom) and i went to Walmart. We bought some stuff for school and i actually wanted to buy a cell phone, but all the prepaid phones have an expiration date (about 45 days) and then you have to enter some other minutes (for about 20 bucks, buck is just another word for dollar). That sucks and therfore i decided not to buy a cell phone...maybe i'm going to get now another sim card which is especially for exchange students.

In the evening while we sat on the table the phone rang and they told us that there is again no right now i'm in the middle of a four day weekend *happy* (here it is almost midnight of Friday, that's why i'm going to bed now. Maybe i'll tell you tomorrow more about my second school free day, but now you guys already have lots of new information to read.)



2.2.08 08:40

My first two days at school!

School started last Wednesday with the 4 classes of my a days (Spanish, Bigger Faster Stronger, English and Chemistry).

Spanish was funny...i like my teacher, the class is really casual and the stuff is normally easy, but for me it was kind of hard, because i was thinking in english and not in spanish, so i couldn't remember all the spanish words.

Bigger Faster Stronger was hard...we went to the weights room and pumped iron...afterwards we played a football like game.

Then was lunch break (30 min) and after it i had was very hard, because it was too fast and they do literature and learn unneeded vocab...that's the reason why i'm going to switch in an easier class. i think that might be more reasonable than staying in the hard class.

My last class on Tuesday was Chemistry with Mr. Aunan. He's a nice guy, but it was also a bit difficult because of the unknown terms and i also was a bit tired.

Then at 2.48 my first school day was finally over



On Wednesday my b day started with was a good teacher is good and i understood the stuff we learned well. Probably it's almost the same material that you guys an germany learn, but i think the class tests won't be that hard as those of mr. hertle.

For second period i had pre calculus (math). It was difficult because of the unknown terms and in my opinion the teacher didn't explain that much. i hope i'm getting used to it and it will bring me something.

In third period there was an assembly for all juniors. So i didn't have digital photography.
At the assembly there was a japanese migrant telling the story of japanese migrants after pearl harbor. It was only took about an hour and therefore we went to lunch to mr sub with some girls (certainly by car).

In the last period i had us history which was kind of boring and also a bit fast. but fortunately it was my last class for wednesday.

2.2.08 08:10

My first time on skis!

Last Monday (there was no school, because it was between the two semester, the second one started on tuesday) i went skiing with the sister of my hostmom and her two sons...

We went up Schweitzer (, it's a ski ressort next to Sagle) at like 8.30 in the morning. I bought a package for 65 $ (about 44 Euro) which include gear rental (skis, boots and poles (=Stoecke)) a lift ticket and an 1 to 2 hours lesson. I was lucky and the only person in the lesson so it was kind of private but i paid for a public one.
So, when we rented my stuff there was still about an hour left till the beginning of my lesson. Therefore Lindy (my hostmum's sister showed me some basics and we went down the bunny was a bit odd, but except of controling speed it went well.
After this run we went down Midway which is a longer and steeper was hard, i often fell down and lost my skis several times.

After this downhill i had my lesson. My teacher was very nice and i learned a lot, above all controling speed

After the lesson and lunch, i went with jerry (the son of Lindy -> my cousin) another few times midway down until we departed at like 3 o'clock.

Yeah, that was my first amazing day on skis.

2.2.08 07:36


Ok, ich hab jetzt endlich mal ein bisschen Zeit gefunden um euch mit Bildern zu versorgen.

Ich hab 2 Fotoalben bei pixum angelegt. Das eine ist vom Haus, der Umgebung, etc und im Anderen hats allgemeine Bilder.
Ich hoffe ihr muesst euch nicht registrieren um die Bilder sehen zu koennen.

1. Album:

2. Ablum:


Viel Spass beim angucken!

P.S.: Achja, ich hab fuer euch zu jedem Bild nen Comment geschrieben

1.2.08 06:32

Blick ausm Wohnzimmer

So, wie versprochen gibts jetzt mal ein paar Bilder!

bzw jetzt nur eines, weil ich los muss...
So siehts bei uns grad aus

27.1.08 20:05

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